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During your first lesson at Starball, you will know that ANYONE CAN LEARN TO DANCE. Even if you feel like you were born with two left feet, this is one of the most important decisions of your life. The thought will come to mind, “why did I not do this years ago?” If you have been dancing in that past, the advanced level is your next step and Quoc Duong can take you there. At the parties you will see some of his past students dance like professionals….you can too.

The most romantic, the sexiest part of a person is not the outward beauty, IT IS CONFIDENCE. As you learn to dance or to dance better at StarBall, you will begin to find a new feeling of confidence deep within… will transfer to every area of your life beyond the dance floor. The dance floor will become a magnet so you will come back and become a more complete person.

Discover the fountain of youth…dancing with . Research shows that dancing as exercise increases your heart health. It is a great way to stay in shape and lose weight as it does wonders for your figure.

Learning to dance is going to increase your quality of life. You will hook up your body and mind because vigorous dancing releases endorphins and enhances your mood so come on and tap into your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well being.

Learning to dance with will take years off your actual age. Dancing with a full range of motion makes you more flexible because it stretches your muscles, ligaments and tendons and makes your body stronger.

You will have less aches and pains as the dance lubricates your connective tissue and joints. As you burn up the dance floor you will burn up the calories. It is a fun way to lose weight as you work your heart and lungs.

It’s not just dancing; it is a spiritual experience because with the rhythm and movement to the music, it is impossible for you to hold onto the worries of life. With dance, this is your chance, don’t pass it up.

All you have to do is to sign up for free and then you can buy DVDs, watch them or book online lessons as a member. You can enjoy right from your home, just use PayPal and it puts you right on the dance floor at Starball. The key to learning to dance better is repetition and can help you get there.

Easy to dance as 1-2-3... Beginner to Advanced
» Quickly learn with every lesson
Just weeks to Feeling Fabulous on the dance floor
» Even off the floor... your self-confidence will soar
Get great health …Lose Weight every week
» Discover the Fountain of Youth
Online Lessons and DVDs
» Learn to dance right from your home

Ballroom for all ages: Tango, Rumba, Cha cha cha, Salsa, Boston, Waltz, Slow, Paso Doble and more...
Dancing Students from Westminster, Garden Grove, Stanton, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley,... are welcome !

Dance Styles
: One of the most fascinating of all dances, the tango is a sensual ballroom dance that originated in South America in the early twentieth century. Tango is usually performed by a man and a woman, expressing an element of romance in their synchronized movements. Originally, the tango was performed only by women, but once it spread into Argentina, it developed into a dance for couples. ... read more

Rumba: The rumba is originally derived from Cuba. Expressed with sensual movement and smooth swaying hips, this is the dance of romance. The characteristic of the rumba is for the lady to "tease and run." The follow flirts and entices the lead, only to run away and come back. The basic rumba dance steps are the foundation that's necessary to embody the character of the dance.... read more

How to dance Cha Cha Cha: Cha-cha-cha, or simply cha-cha, is the name of a dance of Cuban origin. It is danced to the music of the same name introduced by Cuban composer and violinist Enrique Jorrín in 1953. This rhythm was developed from the danzón by a syncopation of the fourth beat. The name is onomatopoeic, derived from the rhythm of the güiro (scraper) and the shuffling of the dancers' feet.... read more

Quoc Duong  dance studio located at 7724 Garden Grove Blvd. Westminster, CA 92683 Tel: (714) 379-5555